2016 May 18

The Joy and Pain of writing a novel

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Writing a novel is really hard work. When the words are flowing on to the page it is a fantastic feeling but when you are staring at a blank screen it is absolute torture.

After I finished my first novel I told myself I would never write another one, it simply took up too much of my time. It is not just the time you spend writing but you have to spend a lot of time thinking. You think about the characters, the storyline, plot development, conversations it becomes all consuming. It is a lot of pain you go through to write something that long and at the end you don’t even know if anyone will read it.

The satisfaction of finishing a novel is amazing though! You just have to go through the struggles and the hard work to get there. I find writing a children’s book a lot better process because you can make sure every word is exactly as it needs to be. When you are writing a novel, however, there are so many words to manage and look after that you can’t get everything right. If you were that painstaking about it I don’t think you would ever finish or be happy with it.

I have just finished my second novel, “The Search for Happiness,” and I am really proud of it. I think you can’t just be a writer and just write though. You have to live life just as much to be able to write about life. I now have to explain to friends and family why I haven’t seen them for the last 6 months. I think any other writers out there will understand just how difficult the process is. It can be absolute torture. Is it really all worth it though? If someone enjoys what you have written after all the hard work you have put into it, then yes, absolutely it was worth it!

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