Timothy A. Price aka HieroHero is a writer who has studied journalism and worked for 20 years in the digital media space. He developed a love of writing and reading from a very young age. In 2011 he released the novel, “Social Media Murder.” In 2012 he released the children’s book, “Shelby the Shopping Trolley” which received high praise from children worldwide. In 2014 he wrote the TV Pilot, “The Social Media Detective Agency” for the Gateway to LA script competition. In 2015 he will have released a book of poetry, “Deep Thought Quicksand” and an adult picturebook, “I Can’t Get out of Bed” and a children’s modern fairytale called “Maderness.” In 2016,  the second Shelby the Shopping Trolley book, “Shelby and the Lost Trolleys,” will be released.