The Search for Happiness is my second novel.

It is available from Amazon here: The Search for Happiness Kindle Edition

As he sits outside the home that his parents are preparing to vacate after thirty-five years, Hero sifts through old photos and finds himself contemplating the meaning of life. He is proud to be different and is drawn ever closer to his friend Jessica, with whom he shares an unusual gift. Their ability to harness the power of their minds to transport themselves to different planes of existence leads them to a world full of broken, disillusioned people, wearily treading the same path.

Is the search for happiness a trap?

Hero and Jessica find themselves travelling through time and space where they are joined in their mission by several like-minded people, linked not just through life but their ability to “travel.” As their situation becomes increasingly perilous, they each try to set aside the personal demons that are holding them back, to find their way home.

Who will survive this extraordinary voyage of the mind?

And will they work together or turn on each other when the going gets tough?