Timothy A. Price (1980-) was born in Sydney, Australia. He showed a love of writing from an early age. His teachers constantly commented on his, “encouraging desire to be original in his approach, write imaginatively and put a great deal of effort into story writing.” He wrote a series of short books in primary school and would read constantly. He began creating web sites in 1996 and was very successful in creating online content. His web sites and writing were seen by millions. His writing also appeared in the Activision game, “DJ Hero” which sold 2 million copies worldwide. He works as a digital media strategist by day while still pursuing his writing career. He released his first novel, “Social Media Murder,” in May 2011. His second novel, “The Search for Happiness,” was released in 2016. He is a self-confessed social media expert and has spoken at a number of conferences alongside Twitter and Facebook. He has also released a book of poetry, Deep Thought Quicksand, and multiple children’s books, Shelby the Shopping Trolley, Shelby and the Lost Shopping Trolleys and Maderness. In 2017 he released his new detective series, The Social Media Detective Agency. In 2020, he released two children’s books, “Leon the Left Sock” a modern story of identity and “Shelby and Carter and the Great Trolley Heist”.