The Social Media Detective Agency isn’t your everyday detective series.

Forget traditional law enforcement – crime is going viral.

So who has their eyes glued to the screen in order to catch the cyber crooks?

Enter Kyle King, a 30-something ex-cop from Fullerton, California, who is already an old and bitter man with a sharp and twisted sense of humour; an insomniac with a bad back and a heavy codeine addiction.

But Kyle also considers himself a type of keyboard warrior – he has an insatiable appetite to expose the truth in the deceitful world of cyberspace.

Determined to shut down online crime, Kyle launches the Social Media Detective Agency with the help of his trusty sidekick and part-time Instagram model, Ally Fielding.

Together – without the assistance of algorithms – they scroll through the deepest darkest corners of the interweb where they uncover cases involving social media.

Using the very platforms the new-age criminals use for bad, they tap into their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat expertise to beat them at their own game and restore justice.

The Social Media Detective Agency: #1 The Case of the Twitter Troll

“You got kids out here committing cybercrimes, and we got detectives out there walking the beat. The beat is the internet these days.”

Meet Kyle King – a cop who was in his late teens when Myspace’s Tom made your Top 8 and has since racked up a bitterness towards traditional policing that could rival a retiree in the force.

Although he’d prefer to scroll a newsfeed, King spends his shifts doing laps of the streets of Fullerton, California, against a 90s hip hop soundtrack.

Sick of having his own hands cuffed by the rigidness of old school law enforcement, Kyle yearns to pursue the next generation of criminals who are making a mockery of the police force and running amok in cyberspace.

The keyboard warriors have had free reign of the virtual world for too long without any accountability – until now.

Kyle turns in his badge and together with Ally – his unbearably attractive sidekick – they launch the Social Media Detective Agency with a mission to solve cases in 140 characters or less.

But when a celebrity engages their services to track down a troll whose slanderous online comments threaten to destroy their reputation, Kyle and Ally know this case will take more than simple cyberstalking to crack.

But who is the mystery troll and why are they spreading their hate-filled messages anonymously behind a computer screen?

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The Social Media Detective Agency: #2 The Case of the Miraculous Diet


The Case of the Miraculous Diet

The Case of the Miraculous Diet

With their first major social media case under their belts, Kyle King and his partner-in-busting-cybercrime Ally are starting to ‘like’ their new social media business more and more.

Suddenly leads to potential social media cases are pouring in quicker than a broadband connection – the Social Media Detective Agency is quite literally going viral!

But when a concerned relative contacts the agency with the fear that her cancer-suffering sister is refusing medical treatment in favour of pursuing a nutritious diet as dictated to by an Instagram blogger, they find themselves opting for the angry emoji.

It’s time for Kyle and Ally to update their status – they’re busy with a new case to crack!

With her own Instagram following booming, selfie-loving Ally is familiar with the Instagram queen in question – Celeste Jenson – who is the latest blogger to release a predictable wellness app and book combo to match (#fitspiration).

In a world where numbers matter and followers have little power to resist the perfectly-angled temptation of the Ludwig filter, Celeste is moulding a health empire with every post she uploads – and suspicions are growing that she’s cashing in on the benefits without any accountability.

Together they trace Celeste to America’s south-coast and you can almost hear Will Smith quipping ‘I’m goin’ to Miami’ as they track her down, determined to expose her to her army of followers.
But when Ally blows their cover during a snappy chat with Celeste’s publisher, closing the case looks like it will end up being a  hashtag fail…

Did Celeste really overcome cancer by eating greens and working out? Will the social media detectives be able to expose her and educate her followers before it’s too late? And what 90s hip hop will Kyle drill this time?

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The Case of the Snapchatting Rookie

Having solved his fair share of social media crimes, Kyle is lapping up the life of a sought-after social media detective—the shady criminals, cash payments, wild dames…well, everything but the wild dames.

The never-ending supply of cases involving sexting teens and snap-happy dick pic-ers has the Social Media Detective Agency (SMDA) continuing to hone its specialty skillset.

But when an up-and-coming NBA hopeful slam dunks his draft prospects by snapchatting himself snorting cocaine, Kyle and Ally score their biggest case to crack.

Someone has saved the snapchat footage and is threatening to shoot a copy straight to the media.

The foul play raises the question: Who in their right mind would sabotage the baller’s aspirations – and what’s their game plan?

With the snapchat scandal threatening to become front page news, the seconds on the shot clock are ticking down for the SMDA to successfully guard the young gun’s career.

But the case takes an unexpected dive when Ally makes a major call that will shake the SMDA to its very core.

How can Kyle and Ally defend the hoop-la caused by the drug-taking player? Will the dream team unite in time to crack the case? Which key players will find themselves sharing a Kiss Cam-worthy moment? And what’s the damning secret that Kyle comes clean on?

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Future Releases:
#4 The Case of the Fake Rapper: August 1st, 2017