Poetry 4 Corona Virus

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Poetry 4 Corona Virus

These poems were written as the corona virus broke out around the world.


The suicide rate doubled in the beginning of lockdown
How do you tell people in the darkest time
To have hope
To believe in the world and humanity
When leaders fail us
Nations lie to us
And we stare at a life we no longer have
Without jobs
And human connection
Our most vulnerable
Will suffer
We must pull together
And support each other
Talk to your friends
And save lives
Love is all we have

Dumb as Trump

The America president
Isn’t very intelligent
But his supporters
Think he’s heaven sent
Dumb as fuck
Out of luck
Injecting detergent
Drinking bleach
Controlling corona virus
Out of reach
No testing no plan
And a country led
By the dumbest man
Over 50,000 dead
And yet they still listen to what
He’s said??? 


Should I feel guilty?
If I decide to switch off
Turn off the news
Stop scrolling social media
Which is constantly feeding me
Death numbers repeatedly
Fear and consternation
Got my head all spaced out
The numbers keep rising
Doctors and nurses are dying
Can’t take it anymore
Need to tune out
Of my own headspace
This pandemic can shock
Your mental health to your very core

Hella Depressed

Hella depressed
Feelings repressed
Stuck in iso-Lation b
No contact with the outside see
Just stuck with your feelings
Looking up at the ceiling
Wondering when this will end
Like writing texts but never clicking send
You stuck in the moment
Wondering where it will go
The pace of life from fast to fucking slow

The Other Side

Just wanna get to the other side
Build a bridge, leap the great divide
Need a miracle or a solution
Had enough of this sudden destitution
Health, jobs, lives destroyed
Hope that faith can be deployed
Retailers can once again be employed
Travel no longer null and void
Homes vacated, lives elated
Public transport once again full and hated

Daily Life

Fake smiles, sunken eyes
Covered hurt, TV lies
Numbers have no meaning
People hidden, stops all seeing
Personal stories, personal hurt
The reality is, we haven’t seen the worst
Mental sadness, covid madness
Deep depressions, economic recessions
Can’t go back, to what was once
Months of not knowing, can’t front
When we face the reality of this
Only the strongest will be able to resist
Wrestle with isolation
take the restrictions and escalation
Facing Mental manipulation
The sum of your needed extrication
Into an endless staycation
Until it becomes daily life

Time to Love

Tell someone you love, you love them
Check on those you care for
Realise what’s important in life
Reach out to those you haven’t heard from
Now is the time to mend bridges
Now is the time to come together
Life is but a fleeting moment
Time is precious
In a time of this virus
We must learn to love
more than we have ever done before….

Test & Trace

Test and trace
Isolate the case
Use big data
Analyse the phase-s
This marathon of a race
We’ve got the best and brightest in place
Researchers to medical professionals
With the biggest challenge they will face
Working across the globe
Knowing they are getting close
Clinical trials
Vaccine development
Only thing that’s gonna get us through
This pandemic predicament

The Fight

Lungs attacked and freedom stolen
Bats and humans in wildlife markets
Causes wildlife virus
The connected world explodes on itself
We can protect ourselves but this foe is the worst
It attacks our immunity, the elderly are vulnerable
We have to summon all our will to get through
this wit’
Incredible strength
To survive the Covid-19 pandemic
Simple arithmetic
Multiples the death toll
To make the numbers hard and cold
Many who are old will die
Have we got what it takes to survive this fight?

Slow Ya Stroll

Long slow walks with a government regulated
1.5 metre distance between another human being
The eyes are sullen
The steps are slow and meandering
Held captive to the home
These walks have no purpose or direction
They are simply to escape the reality
That billions of people are locked away in their home
And this brief time outside serves
As a mental break from this 2020 terror


Breathe in
The current world state
Feel humanities heart rate
We are feeling the anxiety come
And we are only strong as one
It’s hot and cold
The fever has us down
Will the young save the old
Or has selfishness already won?

Be Careful

We have to be very careful
Who we make the decision makers
Who we put in charge
Because in a crisis
Some will rise to the challenge
And some will fall apart
When you choose leaders
Do you want someone just like you?
Or someone really smart?
And will they be driven by self interest?
Or your interests
Money and power drive decisions
Not care for the public
So as the death toll mounts
Think of who were at the table
Who decided not to close down the airlines
Not to close down air travel
Because it would have been too much of an economic cost
And think of the ice rink morgues
Too many dead bodies for coffins
Health workers infected with no protection
No equipment
So many lost lives
Because we chose the wrong leaders
And now we pay the price

This Reflection

This reflection
Is how we have to find new ways of connection
When the physical is taken away
We need to go to another level
use the mental and spiritual
Create new habits and rituals
It’s a new world
Close your eyes
Think of a loved one
Is that connection still strong?
Maybe past lives can hear us
Now is the time to raise our voice
In a different way

Past Lives

Oh fo’ our past lives
yearnin for our past lives
When we took everything for granted
had a job
a daily routine
Go for coffee
to restaurants
See mum and dad
Now it’s all fading
Through the coughs of corona
And the silent spreading
Slowly closing down our society
Until we are all in isolation
Hoping we may one day return
To the lives we once had…

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